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Print On Demand
Client: Museoteca
Technologies: Flash + AS3, Java, Swing, J2EE, JSON, REST, HTML5, JQuery, XML, Shell Scripts

The Print On Demand system allows museums and other institutions (with a wide range of artwork images or photographs), to sell copies in different formats, sizes and finishes without stock storing.

The purpose of Print On Demand is to provide the highest quality printed products. This is achieved by using the best materials and hardware equipment, and taking great care in calibrating the printers and editing images to ensure an identical copy of the original artworks.

The system solves from on the spot printing to to home delivery orders via web site.

The system consists of:

✚ An interactive kiosk placed in the museum where customers can select the desired artwork and material, size and finish. The customer can also choose to print to take away at the shop or the home delivery option. The most striking of the interactive interface is its beauty, clarity and usability to be accessible to users of all age range.

✚ An application for managing sales at the store of the institution and conduct on-site printings. This application connects to a server on the Internet to centralize sales statistics. The robustness of the system allowed to sell, even if no internet connection is available at a time.

✚ An online web gallery for home delivery sales. Highlight the usability of the web application, its beautiful design and development responsive allowing complete the purchase process in three steps from any device with internet access (mobile, tablet, pc)

✚ A web application that allows management for home delivery orders, printing and consulting sales statistics for each institution.

✚ A central web application for managing billing for each institution.

Sumalab work has been shaping an idea giving a solution to it. From design and development of software modules, to the analysis of the hardware needs and state-of-the-art designs. Sumalab currently provides maintenance and support for the whole system.

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